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Employee Benefits 101

Employee benefits can be complex but a dedicated Chambers Plan advisor can make it simple. With their help any business can launch an effective benefits plan within their budget. They will go further than that too, and also help you manage it. Sometimes business owners assume they don’t have the expertise to administer a group benefits plan. With the Chambers Plan, they make it easy for you.

First, getting a quote requires basic information and a brief discussion with an advisor. From there, once a plan design has been agreed upon, the advisor will assist you in the process of enrolling your employees. Training can also be provided for your admin staff or yourself, and walk the employees through the plan.

The portal is easy to use for both administrators and employees. Employees can submit claims using the application as well as track their own personal claims and utilization levels for future claims. Admin staff can add and delete employees and update salaries and any demographic changes at the touch of a button. Employers can pull billing and run taxable benefit statements in seconds.

Still not convinced? consider this; the Chambers Plan advisors are exclusive to the program. Since they spend much of their time working with the plan, and they have great familiarity with it. When a business first meets an advisor by providing their budget for benefits, what they are looking to accomplish and how they’d like it to affect their business, the advisor can build the plan tailored to your business.

Having a benefits plan will help recruit and retain employees. Running one is easy with the Chambers Plan. With 35,000 plus firms using the not-for-profit Chambers Plan it also provides the stability with its unique pooling system. It’s competitive as being a not-for-profit allows for less plan overhead. Traditional options are available, and plans can be built around those offerings or with more focus on wellness which is where things seem to be trending.

Whether you have 1 or 100 employees, the Chambers Plan can build an offering that meets your needs. If you have a plan an advisor can easily match up an offering or build something different based on your firms needs. Plans can be designed with different categories if necessary for different staffing levels. In addition, the Chambers Plan also provides the BAS, or Business Assistance Service to all plan holders. This is invaluable to small to medium sized enterprises providing HR, Accounting and Legal assistance as part of the underlying program. All employees also receive the Best Doctors program. This can allow an employee to find access to specialists or get a second opinion on either a diagnosis or course of treatment.

The Chambers Plan also provides the best in class out-of-country protection which can be particularly important if you need to travel for your new business. If you and your staff must travel often this can save you significantly rather than buying travel protection for each trip.

Other benefits can be sculpted based on budgets. Costs for things such as paramedical benefits for physiotherapy, chiropractor and massage therapists etc., can be capped or limited to provide budget control. Dental coverage can also be tailored to the company budget as well as the needs of the staff. Drug coverage is another area where a variety of options will meet a variety of budgets. Benefits today are no longer a one size fits all product. Firms with younger demographics may prefer more wellness-related benefits such as paramedical with less drug coverage, while an older staff may prefer having the scripts in place.

The Chambers Plan has a group retirement option with both a Group RRSP and a DPSP (Deferred Profit-Sharing Plan) and can also help you with either your individual or your employee’s retirement options. There is a payroll solution provided by Payworks and if used in conjunction with the plan it offers single entry in one system for both your payroll and benefits through their proprietary Tandem link.

Created as a benefit for business aimed at members of local Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade, the program is the largest of its kind in Canada. It continues to evolve to meet the needs of today’s marketplace and is easier to use each year. Run by the Johnston Group, one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, service exceeds industry standards. Health and dental claims are paid within 24-48 hours and most deposited directly into the employee’s bank account.

 The Chambers Plan is ready for you today; A call is all it takes. Visit today for more information.

January 31, 2019 11:54 am

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